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Temperature Relays and Sensors

Temperature-Range 60...180°C   Temperature-Range -170...+1820°C
Fixed switching point   adjustable switching point
Particularly suitable for monitoring of electromotors, transformers and bearings   For high temperature monitoring functions
PTC-Relays type MS for the protection of dry transformers    
PTC-Resistor Temperature Sensors (Thermmistors) MINIKA    
TEMPERATURE RELAYS for Pt100-Sensors (RTD) Type TR   MEASURING TRANSDUCERS & Measuring-Point change-over
Temperature-Range -200...850°C    
Adjustable switching point    
For use in the manufacture of chemical apparatus, plastic machinery    
For motor protection in high-power generators and high-voltage motors    
Safety Temperature Limiter    
Pt 100-Sensors (RTD)    













PTC RESISTOR RELAYS optimal protection against thermal overload e.g. of motors engines, transformers or power semiconductors. In connection with PTC resistors (thermistors) of the type MINIKA there are response values between 60 and 180 degrees




  MS220K economical type
MSR220K economical type with electronic reclosing
MS220KA with ATEX-approval 94/9/EG
II (2) GD
EC-type-examination certificate

MSR220KA with ATEX-approval 94/9/EG
ATEX-Zeichen II (2) GD
EC-type-examination certificate

with electronic reclosing lock










MS220VA with ATEX-approval 94/9/EG
ATEX-Zeichen II (2) GD
EC-type-examination certificate
mounting in fuse-boxes
MSR220VA with ATEX-approval 94/9/EG
ATEX-Zeichen II (2) GD
EC-type-examination certificate
with electronic reclosing lock, mounting in fuse-boxes
MS220Vi with ATEX-approval 94/9/EG
ATEX-Zeichen II (1) GD [Ex ia] II C [Ex ia D]
EC-type-examination certificate
for monitoring of temperatures in areas with explosive gases or dust, e.g. at bearings, gears or surfaces. Applied for EC-type-examination certificate
MSR220Vi same as MS 220 Vi,
EC-type-examination certificate

additionally with electronic reclosing lock.
MS220C compact device GL
MS220K2 Double device with 2 PTC resistor circuits cruus
MSR220K2 Double device with 2 PTC resistor circuits and
electronic reclosing lock
MSR220K6 6-channel protection relay
MSR820V 8-channel protection relay
MSM220K with zero-voltage safe electronic reclosing lock and test key
MS40ZT Elevator-cars and lift-monitoring, with pulse input





















PTC Relays type MS for the protection of dry transformers



MSF220K PTC-relay for monitoring of cast resin transformers
MSF220SE protection of cast resin transformers with switch-on-delay, 2 PTC resistor circuits
protection of cast resin transformers with 3 PTC resistor circuits
MSF220VL protection of dry transformers with integrated control of fan and monitoring of temperature of core
TS1000 Protection-Relay for dry Transformers with integrated Monitoring of Fans
MS-Tester PTC-relays can be tested simply















PTC-Resistor Temperature-Sensors Type MINIKA are used in connection with PTC resistor trip devices. ZIEHL supplies PTC sensors according to DIN 44 081 and 44 082 with different designs e.g. for the installation in windings, as screwing in sensors or for temperature monitoring to liquids.



K and KD
Single and triple PTC resistors
Screwing in sensors








PT TEMPERATURE RELAYS monitor and regulate temperatures. Up to 6 sensors, 6 adjustable switching points, digital display and analogue outputs open a multiple range of applications for the user.



Temperature Relays for Pt 100-Sensors, 1 Sensor 
1 Sensor, 1 adjustable limit, 1 Relay, 3 Measuring-ranges
Temperature Relays for Pt 100-Sensors, 1 Sensor, Digital Display
1 Sensor, 2 adjustable limits, 2 output relays, Digital Display
  TR122 DA
1 Sensor, 2 adjustable limits, 2 output relays, Digital Display, current output 0/4...20 mA
Temperature-Relays for Pt 100-Sensors, 2 Sensors, 2 Relays, Digital Display
  TR210 2 sensors, 2 measuring inputs Pt 100/Pt 1000, thermocouples, 0/4...20 mA/0...10V, display 4 digits, 2 relay outputs, 2-4 limits, scaleable analog output (measuring-transducer)
    cruus   UL-E337414
Temperature-Relays for Pt 100-Sensors, 3 Sensors, Digital Display

3 sensors (Pt 100, Pt 1000, PTC, KTY), 3 adjustable limits, 3 relays

cruus   UL-E337414

Temperature-Relays for Pt 100-Sensors, 4 Sensors, Digital Display

4 Sensors,
4 adjustable limits,
4 Relays,
2 analog outputs
with input for USB-stick

cruus   UL-E337414

4 sensor-inputs Pt 100 (RTD),
4 alarms/relays,
for Dry Transformers with integrated monitoring of temperature of core,
easy programming with 4 preset programs,
housing fo panel-mount,
Interface RS 485 (option)
Temperature-Relays for Pt 100-Sensors, 6 Sensors, Digital Display
  TR600 6 Sensors
6 Relay outputs
2 Analog outputs
Interface RS 485
Digital Display
     cruus  UL-E337414
Temperature-Relays for Pt 100-Sensors, 12 Sensors, Digital Display, Interface RS 485
  TR1200 12 inputs Pt 100 (RTD)
interface RS 485 with modbus RTU and ZIEHL-protocol

cruus   UL-E337414
    TR1200IP 12 inputs Pt 100 (RTD)
Readout of temperatures via Ethernet
Protocols modbus and ZIEHL-standard
IEC 61850 (GOOSE)

cruus   UL-E337414
Web-IO Universal-Relay, 8 Sensor-Inputs


>> online-test

8 Measuring inputs Pt 100/1000, KTY, Thermocouples and DC 0/4-20 mA, 0-10 V
4 Alarm-Relays
in browser via Internet/Intranet easily operable:
- Display and query of measured values
- Configuration of inputs and alarms
- alarms with e-mail
- Logging of values and alarms

cruus   UL-E337414

Wireless Temperature-Relay, 6 Sensors, Digital Display
  WR250 Wireless Temperature-Relay for High-voltage Transformers,
receiver up to 6 sensors of Wireles-Sensors type WS Pt 100
  WSPt100 Wireless Temperature-Sensor for High-voltage Transformers



























































Safety Temperature Limiter



monitors in combination with sensors Pt100 (RTD) temperatures in applications, in which an increased safety level up to SIL2, PL c is required.
It meets the requirements of safety category 3 according to EN 954-1







Pt 100 Temperature-Sensors (RTD)




TF 101/N,
TF 101/K,
TF 101/U2,
TF 101/G3,
TF 101/ZG 2
TF 101/R
are used with switchgears, transducers or digital panelmeters MINIPAN for temperature controlling systems. ZIEHL supplies Pt-100 sensors, to the installation to windings, as screwing-in sensors or for temperature measurement to liquids.








TEMPERATURE RELAYS FOR THERMOCOUPLES TYPE TR are used in connection with Thermocouples Type K, L or S for monitoring of higher temperatures.




TR210 For 2 Temperature-Sensors or 0/4-20 mA, 0-10 V, 2 Relays, analogue output
  Details of Temperature Measuring (range of applications)







MEASURING TRANSDUCERS & MEASURING POINT CHANGE-OVER Measuring transducers supply a linear output signal which is proportional to the measured value.

ZIEHL delivers measuring transducers for input signals DC 0/4-20 mA, Pt 100, thermoelement, resistance and frequency. Output signals are: DC 0/4-20 mA, 0-10 V or frequencies. Frequency signals can be easily evaluated by digital inputs of PLC's. In combination with our check switch/data scanner MUM 8 up to 8 signals can be connected to one input (i.e. display or PLC).
Overview (PDF)





  Pt 100, Thermocouples, Measuring Point Multiplicator
  Type TMU
  Type TR Limit-Relay at the same time
  with galvanic isolation
  Type MU1000K
    tr210   FOR DC CURRENT/VOLTAGE (Isolating amplifier)
  with galvanic isolation
  Types MU100U, MU1001K
  with 2 inputs
  Type TR210
  Type MU2000K
  Type MU100W
  Type TR122DA
  mum     Type STW1000V2
  Type MUM























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