Brand: Ziehl
Product Code: MU1001K
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Price: £167.50

Universal Measuring Transducer for DC voltage, isolation amplifier, scaleable, Model MU1001K (Ordering Code T236006.1)

Universal Measuring Transducers MU1001K can measure DC signals up to 300 V. Pre-set measuring-ranges can be selected by the user. More measuring-ranges (zero and full scale) can be easily scaled. The output-signals DC 0/2-10 V and 0/4-20 mA are insulated from measuring-input and supply-voltage. With its universal power-supply AC/DC 24-240 V the measuring-transducer can be connected to all common supply voltages.

Overview of features
• Output signal 0-20mA and 0-10V or 4-20mA and 2-10V
• Rated Supply Voltage AC/DC 24-240V
• Insulation between inputs, outputs and supply voltage
• Standard ranges adjustable, universally scalable input ranges