Brand: Ziehl
Product Code: EFR4000IP
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Relay for Energy Flow Model EFR4000IP, optimisation of consumption of own energy, with integrated webserver, IP-connection, zero export device, measuring transducer for power (Ordering Code: S225761)

Relays for energy flow EFR4000IP monitor the current flow between public power grid and generating plant / consumer. Operation is made comfortably via integrated webserver or directly at the device. Measured values are displayed neatly arranged at device on monitor. When the own power plant generates more power than actually is consumed it often is more economical to consume the excess energy self. This is especially reasonable when the difference is high between the price you pay to the grid provider and the price the provider pays for fed in energy.

• Shift own consumption into times with high generation of energy
• Switch on consumers when you have overflow of energy
• Increase the share of consumed own energy
• intelligent control of consumers