Brand: Ziehl
Product Code: TS1000
Availability: 3-4 working days
Price: £702.00

Trafosafe TS1000  is a protection relay with integrated fan control for transformers, direct connection up to 6 fans (Ordering Code T221660) 

The Trafosafe TS1000 is used when transformers have forced air cooling. It monitors the temperature of the transformer with 3 sensor-circuits (PTC-thermistors), controls the forced cooling dependent on the load of the transformer, the unit trips when the set alarm temperature is exceeded and switches off the transformer if the temperature continues to rise.

Up to 6 fans can be controlled and monitored directly with the TS1000. Contactors and motor protection switches are not necessary.

The TS1000 takes inputs from PT100s to control the fans.