Brand: Ziehl
Product Code: TR440
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DIN96 Temperature-Relays for 4 Pt 100 Sensors and with 4 alarms / relays Digital Display, -199..850°C, AC/DC 24-240V Model:TR440 (Code T224184)

Temperature relay to protect transformers against excess temperature and to control a fan.  The temperatures in the windings are monitored with three Pt 100 sensors. The core temperature can be monitored with a fourth sensor.  The 4 alarms/output relays are used to control the fan, to signal an advance warning and to switch-off the transformer. Various programs facilitate using the alarm ideally for each application. Depending on the program, e.g. an extra relay is available for the fault message or for triggering due to exceeding the maximum core temperature.

Other uses: Alternatively, with the fourth sensor the temperature of the room the transformer is located in can be monitored and, with the alarm, the room ventilation can be controlled. The device can also be used for other tasks for temperature monitoring
 e.g., for motors.