Brand: Ziehl
Product Code: TR800Web
Availability: 3-4 working days
Price: £980.00

Web-IO Universal-Relay Model TR800Web, 8 Sensors/Inputs,  DC Signals, Pt100, Thermoelements, 4 Limits, Web IO with Interface RS485, operation with browser via TCP/IP (Code T224164)

The TR800Web can be connected to the internet or an intranet and operated via TCP/IP from a normal PC with a suitable browser. No special software and no special instruction is necessary. The Universal-Relay TR800Web monitors and logs signals from up to 8 inputs. Up to 8 limits (one per input) can be programmed for each of the 4 output-relays. Thus e.g. alarm 1 can be activated when the temperature at a sensor (e.g. Pt100) at input 1 exceeds a limit or when the signal of a transmitter for pressure (e.g. 4-20 mA) at input 5 falls below a limit. It can also send an email when a limit is exceeded and/or when the signals falls short of the limit again. A day/night switchover allows to vary limits depending on daytime. In addition the device has an interface RS485 with the protocols Modbus and ZIEHL-standard.


The TR800Web is used where one or more of the following features a required:
• measuring of up to 8 analog signals and transmit the data via TCP/IP
• reading of measured values and teleservice via internet/intranet
• signalling of alarms via email when limits are exceeded
• monitoring of filling level (water, gasoil) with ZIEHL filling level probe NS6123-6
• logging of measured values and remote inquiry e.g. for monitoring temperatures at engines and in plants