Brand: Ziehl
Product Code: TR600 RS485
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Pt 100-Temperature Relay Model TR600, RS485, 6 Sensors, 6 Limits, Digital Display, Easy Programming (Ordering Code T224361)

Site for Programming TR600

The Pt 100 thermostat TR600 is a temperature controller and monitors up to six Pt 100 sensors at the same time. Six switching points and six relays permit almost any combination of switching action. It also can select the highest temperature of a group of three or six sensors. Programming is very variable and simple. Due to the fact that 6 type Pt 100 sensors can be connected, the unit is especially suitable for temperature monitoring wherever up to 6 different measuring points must be monitored simultaneously:
• motors and generators with simultaneous monitoring of bearings and coolant.
• transformers with additional monitoring of the core temperature also.
• power machines and plants

 UL E377414 Process Control Equipment, Electrical - Component

Overview of features
• Measuring and monitoring range -199 ... +800 °C
• 6 sensor inputs with 2- or 3-wire connection
• 7 relay outputs with change-over contact
• Alarm 1 … 6 relay K1 (11/12/14) ... K6 (61/62/64)
• Sensor Error Relay K7 (71/72/74) monitors sensor break or sensor short circuit.
• Interface RS485, protocols ZIEHL and modbus RTU
• Universal power supply. 2 ranges AC/DC 24-60V or AC/DC 90-240 V
• Universal power supply AC/DC 24-240 V
• Terminal for USB-Stick for up- and downloads of sets of parameters and for firmware-updates