Brand: Ziehl
Product Code: MSF220SE T221697
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PTC-Resistor-Relay for Dry-Transformers, Model MSF220SE, 2 PTC-circuits, AC/DC 90 - 240 V (Ordering Code T221697)

The PTC-resistor trip device MSF220SE monitors the winding temperature of machines and equipment. Signals, that can be used as ”early warning" or ”malfunction" (switching-off), are transmitted as soon as the admissible limit temperature is exceeded.
 Two PTC-circuits can be connected to this unit. The integrated rise-delay time ensures a reliable mains voltage build-up.

• 2 PTC resistor circuits, 1 to 6 PTC each (max. cold resistance of circuit 1500Ω each)
• potential-free contact for alarm 1
• potential-free contact for alarm 2
• voltage of pin 3 is connectet to pin 1 with a time delay of 2 sec., replacing an additional timing relay.
• alarm 3 for check of relay K3
• LED´s signal state of relays K1 and K2
• relay K3 picks up time-delayed
• TEST-button for ALARM 1 and ALARM 2