Brand: Ziehl
Product Code: MSF220K T221717
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Price: £154.35

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PTC-Relay Model MSF220K for Dry Transformers, 2 PTC-Circuits, AC/DC 24 - 240 V, Ordering Code T221717 (replaces T221715)

PTC-relay for the monitoring of dry transformers. Alarm 1 with relay in closed circuit current mode for preliminary warning, releases at over-temperature at PTC-set 1 and serves at the same time as functional monitoring. Alarm 2 in operating current mode. Thus no wiping signal occurs when switching on the supply voltage on. Additional terminals enable comfortable wiring from supply voltage to relays K1 and/or K2.

• 2 PTC resistor sets
• 2 output relays 1 change-over contact (co)/ 1 normally open contact (no)
• monitoring of sensors for short-circuit and break activatable
• TEST-button (delayed)
• LEDs for ON, alarm 1 and 2
• red LEDs for alarm 1 and alarm 2
• K-type housing
• housing for mounting on DIN-rail 35 mm or wall-mount with screws M4
• alternative to foreign product type TS-01


Operating Manual