Brand: Aris Power
Product Code: BBX120000
Availability: 2 weeks
Price: £124.00

BBX120000 Battery Box 24V, 12Ah without battery, casing and inner wiring only, Fuse 25A​, surface mount, safe lock ready.

  • Lead-acid AGM, VRLA battery technology
  • Quick Installation on DIN rail or direct on back board mounting plate
  • Maintenance-free
  • Tool-free battery replacement
  • Built-in protection fuse plus spare
  • Automatic detection and continuous monitoring by DCU Series DC-UPS
  • Suitable for backup of high inrush current DC loads and for maximum buffer times
  • Communication with DCU DC-UPS via signal serial port (SBS version)
  • Built-in Temperature compensation probe (SBS version) with integrated batteries and SBS temperature compensation
  • SBS connecting cable available in 3 lengths 60cm,1m, and 3m. SBS Sensor sold separately