Brand: EMKO
Product Code: Trans-ATS
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Price: £180.33

Trans-ATS - Automatic Transfer Switching Controller (ATS)

Parameter configuration via USB port of your notebook, Authorised Access, secure communication Translate LCD text for your language, Log last 50 events & alarm information with measured values Statistics records, Generator phase sequence control, Power factor measurement for 3 phases 3 phase Load current and Earth current measurement, Configurable 6 inputs and 4 outputs Maintenance warning, Red (Shutdown) and Yellow (Warning) alarm lights, Navigation and Shortcut buttons for easy use, Load test selection, Automatic Transfer Switching control, Active, Reactive, Apparent power measurement

•Trans-Cable.USB, USB communication cable is optional.

Dimensions 229 x 152 x 41mm

Panel Cut-Out 182 x 135mm

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