Brand: EMKO
Product Code: Trans-MAINS
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Price: £495.00

EMKO Trans-MAINS: Automatic Transfer & Load Share Unit With Mains

TRANS-MAINS is a mains control, synchronising and automatic transfer unit. The unit is designed to synchronise the gensets (controlled by TRAN-SYNCRO units) with mains supplies. The unit controls the change over from mains supply to genset supply or runs gensets in parallel with the mains to provide no-break, peak lopping and peak shaving power solutions.

  • Load sharing with genset (up to 32 gensets)
  • Busbar voltages and frequency measurements
  • Bus failure detection
  • Peak lopping (mains or genset)
  • Power export to mains
  • Mains decoupling protection with R.O.C.O.F & vector shift methods
  • Logic Controller functionality for PLC