Brand: EMKO
Product Code: Trans-AMF.SYNCRO
Availability: Two Weeks
Price: £520.00

EMKO Trans-AMF.SYNCRO: Automatic Genset Controller with transfer switching & load sharing

TRANS-AMF-SYNCRO is a synchronising & automatic mains failure unit for diesel, gas or gasoline generators. The unit is designed to synchronise the one genset with the one mains supply. The unit controls the change over from mains supply to genset supply or runs genset in parallel with the mains to provide no-break, peak lopping and peak shaving power solutions.

  • Mains voltages and frequency measurements
  • Generator voltages and frequency measurements
  • Peak lopping (mains or genset)
  • Power export to mains
  • Mains de-coupling protection with R.O.C.O.F and vector shift methods
  • Manual voltage/frequency adjustment
  • Direct/Reverse Governor and AVR control
  • Synchroscope display
  • Logic Controller functionality for PLC