Brand: EMKO
Product Code: Trans-MidiAMF
Availability: Two Weeks
Price: £145.00

Emko Trans-MidiAMF - Automatic Mains Failure Unit

The unit provides for automatic transfer of a load from mains to generator in the event of a mains failure. Intended for unattended operation, it is able to detect failure of any phase of the mains and to start and switch over to a generator if the mains voltage goes outside pre-set limits. Both automatic and manual control are possible. A test mode is also available which allows the generator to be run without taking the load.

  • Log last 50 events & alarm information wiht measured values
  • Statistics records
  • Mains & Generator phase sequence control
  • Selectable Resistive sender types; Pt-100 VDO, US, GM, Ford, Datcon, etc...
  • CanBus J1939 ECU communication
  • SPN, FMI and OC values reading from engines via J1939
  • Remote Start/Stop Speed and Idle mode Control via J1939
  • Local Remote Control and Visualisation function