Brand: Adel
Product Code: CBI243A
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DC-UPS Out 24 Vdc 3A In 115-230-270 Vac, Start from battery function, with Temperature Compensation - Model CBI243A

  • Input: Single-phase 115 –277Vac
  • Output Load: power supply 24 Vdc; 3A Output
  • Battery:charging 24 Vdc; 3A
  • Start from Battery function when AC has not returned and teh batteries are replaced
  • Suited for the following battery types: Open Lead Acid, Sealed Lead Acid, lead Gel and Ni-Cd
  • Automatic diagnostic of battery status. Charging curve IUoU, constant voltage and constant current Battery Life Test function (Battery Care)
  • Switching technology, output voltage 22-28.8Vdc
  • Three charging levels: Boost, Float and Recovery
  • Protected against short circuit and inverted polarity
  • Signal output (contact free) for discharged or damaged battery
  • Signal output (contact free) for mains or Back-UP
  • Protection degree IP20 -DIN rail;Space saving


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