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Battery Modules

battery modules AdelThese Battery Modules are designed to work with the Adel CB battery charger and CBI All in One DC UPS range of products. This series has been developed to complete the range of ADEL SYSTEM back up power products and includes items which can contribute to the quality of overall performance, relibility and safety of the uninterruptible power supply installation or battery bank.

Battery Modules are available in the following sizes: 1.2 – 3 – 7.2 and 12Ah. They have been developed to enable battery applications to be carried out in safety. For this reason, they are fitted with fuse and terminal vlock and they are available with DIN rail or base mounting aluminium carriers.

Enclosure with Batteries 12Vdc
BATT123 Battery 3.2Ah 12 Vdc Battery Modules
BATT127 Battery 7.2Ah 12 Vdc
Battery Holder without Batteries 12 Vdc
BATTHOLDER123 3.2Ah 12 Vdc Battery Modules
BATTHOLDER127 7.2Ah 12 Vdc Battery Modules
BATTHOLDER1212 12Ah 12 Vdc Battery Modules


Battery Holders


Battery Module for DC-UPS "All In One" range for One or Two batteries.Suitable to support maintenance-free lead-acid batteries standard size, with serial fuse. Simple connection with screws. Size: 1.2 Ah, 3 Ah, 7.2 Ah and 12 Ah.

Main Features: For Maintenance -free lead-acid batteries, Output: 12; 24 Vdc, Protection: Fusion, Connection with screws, Short circuit Protection IP20, Wall Mount with screws / Din Rail

Battery Holders
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